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HF reader

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D8 type high frequency IC card reader
D8 type high frequency IC card reader

D8 type high-frequency contactless IC card reader/writer is suitable for high-frequency (13.56MHZ) IC chip card reading and writing, USB driver-free, plug and play, and supports contact IC cards and non-contact IC cards conforming to ISO/IEC 7816 standards. The card supports the ISO1443 TypeA/B standard inductive IC card/NFC card, which is easy to operate. It is a necessary test machine for high-frequency chip cards. It can be used as a supporting IC card. personnel.

Product introduction:
D8 is a well-known non-contact IC card reader/writer in China. It is a necessary non-contact card test machine for domestic card dealers, chip manufacturers and testing institutions. Its rich and perfect interface functions can be easily used in industry, telecommunication , postal service, taxation, banking, insurance, medical treatment, conference check-in, Internet cafe management, gas station, parking lot and other charges, stored value, inquiry and other smart card management application systems.
USB driver-free technology, plug and play
Support online upgrade
Card type support is comprehensive, development interface is perfect
Technical Specifications:
Processor: 32-bit CPU
Indicator light: 4 LED indicators, indicating power or communication status
Keys: External password keyboard
Voice: support voice broadcast, can be customized
Buzzer: support
Communication interface: USB, RS232
Contact card: optional 1 IC card conforming to ISO/IEC 7816 standard
Contactless card: Inductive IC card/NFC supporting ISO1443 TypeA/B standard
Times of use: at least 200,000 times
NFC: supports standard NFC tags, supports reader mode and peer-to-peer mode
SAM deck: 4
Power supply: DC 5V, with overvoltage protection
Real-time clock: supports built-in real-time clock
Operating system: support windowsXP, 7, 8, Linux
Encryption method: Encryption method: hardware encryption, software encryption; encryption algorithm: DES, 3DES, RSA
Working environment: temperature: -10~50℃; relative humidity: 5%-93% (non-condensing)
Storage environment: temperature: -20~60℃; relative humidity: 5%-95% (non-condensing)
Other features: Provide general interface function library, support multiple operating systems and language development platforms, support online upgrade function, and support customized development.
Compliant with standards: EMV, PBOC3.0 L1, qPBOC3.0 L1, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development
D8 type high frequency non-contact IC card reader:
high frequency reader D8
high frequency reader D8
high frequency reader D8
high frequency reader D8