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UHF legibility

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high frequency label tester
high frequency label tester

Equipment name: HF001 high frequency label tester

picture display:

Frequency tester

Frequency tester

high frequency label tester

1. Button description

Frequency tester

high frequency label tester

The buttons and interfaces of the whole machine are shown in the figure above. The interfaces include a microUSB charging port and an antenna magnetic connector.

There are four buttons in total, from top to bottom:

1) Power on/sleep button: Automatic sleep after 30 minutes of no operation, battery voltage lower than 3.6v, automatic sleep, 

3.7V alarm.

2) Menu selection key: cycle menu, automatically return to main menu "MANU" after 5 minutes without operation

3) Operation key 1: Correspond to the content displayed on the menu page

4) Operation key 2: Correspond to the content displayed on the menu page.

 high frequency label tester

high frequency label tester

2. Functional area description

Function area description:

1: Battery voltage display: To ensure measurement accuracy, the battery voltage needs to be higher than 3.6v. (The analog part voltage is 3.3v,

LDO voltage drop is about 300mV);

2: Debugging information: return loss value

3: Resonance frequency-the frequency of the lowest point of the return loss curve.

4: Q value-the bandwidth ratio at which the transmission power at the center frequency is halved.

5: Return loss curve

6: Menu area.


3. Function menu description

1) Main page:

Normal/Expert display mode switch: Expert mode displays the curve, Normal mode only displays the value and the total measurement quantity.

2) Detection upper limit frequency setting: fMax+--upper limit frequency plus 1MHz; fMax---upper limit frequency minus 1MHz

3) Detection lower limit frequency setting: fMin+--lower limit frequency+1; fMin- --lower limit frequency minus 1

4) Backlight setting: bk+ backlight brightness plus; bk- backlight brightness minus

5) Calibration: O/S-short-circuit or open-circuit calibration, it is recommended to press this key to perform short-circuit calibration after connecting the coil;

Load-Load calibration, connect a 50 ohm load to the magnetic connector for calibration, if you pass the coaxial extension

For testing with a long wire connected to the coil, a 50 ohm load needs to be connected to the end of the extension wire for calibration.

6) Other settings: Restore Default-restore factory settings (calibrated data will not be overwritten)


4. equipment parameters

1. Frequency test range: 1MHz---30MHz

2. Resonance frequency measurement error: ±50KHz

3. Q value measurement range: 0---999

4. Q value measurement error: <7%

5. LCD display: 3.2 inch TFT LCD screen display

6. Graphic display of spectrum curve

7. Frequency meter size: 73*52mm Antenna size: 54*37mm

8. Net weight: 80g

9. USB port charging

5. use matters needing attention

1) A low voltage warning will be displayed when the battery voltage is lower than 3.6v;

2) The hardware of version 4.0 will completely cut off the battery power supply during sleep, so there is no need to worry about battery discharge if not used for a long time