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Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts Celebrating Reunion in the New School Season|RZX Technology Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Delivery
Time:2022-08-31 16:31:53

The school season is approaching in various places. As the saying goes, gold is nine and silver is ten. After the school season, the smart card industry has also entered the peak period of campus cards. On the afternoon of August 31, the RZX Technology Administration Department distributed the company's Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift box in advance at the company's front desk, hoping that everyone can maintain a good state and a beautiful mood on the eve of the holiday.

Colleagues from the foreign trade department came to the front desk directly after the monthly summary meeting to receive the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts and took a group photo. Then came the representatives of the marketing department. The gifts of the marketing department colleagues who were still busy shipping were brought back with the help of other colleagues.

RZX Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare

In the season of rushing goods, the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts of colleagues in the production department were collected and brought back by the heads of each department. The heads of each department successively received mooncake gift boxes at the front desk of the company and took pictures.

Since ancient times, moon cakes have symbolized reunion, harmony and happiness. I believe that when the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the company's moon cake gift box can bring a touch of warmth to brothers and sisters working in foreign countries. I also wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and happiness in advance! For more RZX technology Mid-Autumn Festival, campus cards and RFID tags and other related information and technical exchanges, please pay attention to rfid tag and IC card manufacturer RZX company news and WeChat public account related push (public account: rzxrfid).