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RZX Technology|Notice of Chinese New Year Holiday in 2022
Time:2021-12-09 10:03:20

Dear new and old customers and colleagues:

The Spring Festival of 2022 is approaching. In order to make it easier for colleagues to arrange work and life in advance, and to spend a happy, peaceful and safe Spring Festival together and allow colleagues to make arrangements for returning home in advance, the holiday time for the 2022 Spring Festival is: January 2022 Holidays from 28 (Friday) to February 7 (Monday), a total of 11 days;
After the year, February 8th, the eighth day (Tuesday) formally went to work.
1. All departments should conduct self-inspection before the holiday, cut off the power of unused equipment, cut off the power of important equipment, and keep important items properly, and pay attention to fire prevention and theft.
2. All personnel in the factory shall maintain unblocked communication during holidays, comply with the requirements of the holiday notice, and return to work on time.
"No leave is allowed after the holiday, otherwise the donation will be 300 yuan/day"
During the holidays, our company does not arrange staff on duty. New and old customers who need to deliver goods during the Spring Festival, please arrange the scheduled time reasonably; new and old customers who need to order can send your needs by email or leave a message on the website, and we will follow up as soon as possible You contact; in case of emergency, please call the relevant business personnel directly.
I wish everyone in advance: a happy Chinese New Year, a happy family, and all the best!
Shenzhen RZX Technology Co., Ltd. 
human resource department 
December 09, 2021